Grab Some Nuts Day

Grab Some Nuts Day
Aug 03, 2017

Grab Some Nuts Day!?  Who celebrates that?  We do.  At My Teremok we believe in happiness, in taking the time to stop the craziness for even just a moment, and celebrating life.  After all, it’s what we do.  We make happy products—measuring cups and cookie jars—used to create joy and magic in the most special space in the home, the kitchen.

So, go ahead and grab some nuts!  And have fun doing it.  You can just grab some nuts and enjoy them right there and then, or you can grab some nuts and incorporate them into a yummy recipe.  We’re there for you.  Our measuring cups and cookie jars are sitting pretty waiting for you, ready to measure for you or store those yummy treats you just whipped up.

Never forget to celebrate.  Happy Grab Some Nuts Day from all of us at My Teremok.

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